Visual Sokoban
Version 2.02

- Overview -

        Visual Sokoban is a widely spread puzzle-class game in which you will have to solve puzzles of increasing complexity. Don't worry, there is no time limit for finishing a level, you will have all the time to solve one. In Visual Sokoban, your task is to collect lost objects and move them onto free storage locations. A level is finished when all the objects are on storage locations.

        This reflexion game seems easy, but levels are getting harder and harder, and there are more than 3000 levels ! Don't expect fo finish this game in one hour... you will need weeks, months, years, and a lot of patience !

        Here are some of the Visual Sokoban features:
  • More than 3000 levels for hours of fun !
  • Unlimited undo, make as many mistakes as you want !
  • Save / Load / Quick Save / Quick Load a game
  • Reset / Play Next / Play Previous Level
  • Record the solution of a level
  • Change every graphic of the game with the Skins menu !
  • Mouse support !
  • Multi-users support !
  • Invisible objects option for a new challenge !
  • And it's a FREEWARE !
        If you'd like to see how the game looks like, feel free to take a look at the following screenshots (the JPG format is supported by all navigators but it's big and poor quality, the PNG format is better but some navigators don't support it):

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